Kayak Instructors' Course

Image of campers posing on Anticosti Islands.Image of camper kayaking on St. Lawrence River.Image of wildlife.Image of large shipping vessels on St. Lawrence River.

The Kayak Instructor Course (KIC) is a program for senior students which involves a month long remote coastal kayaking trip to Anticosti Island, where the St. Lawrence River meets the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.

KIC students will spend over 20 days ocean kayaking in challenging maritime conditions and will further develop their leadership, marine navigation and group dynamic skills.

This beautiful Island, with its cliffs, rocky beaches and teaming wildlife, is also the home of many treacherous reefs which have proven to be the undoing of many a mariner. While paddling the coast, it will not be unusual to view seals, whales and a variety of sea birds, including the bald eagle.

KIC is the expedition of a lifetime.

2024 cost $2100.00

Equipment/Gear Lists


Bus Schedules

"Barn Days" Bus Pick Ups
8:30 a.m.: Centennial PS
8:45 a.m. Elginburg & District PS
9 a.m.: Loughborough PS

"Barn Days" Bus Drop Offs
3:30 p.m.: Loughborough PS
3:45 p.m. Elginburg & District PS
4 p.m.: Centennial PS

Student Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do OP and OS before doing KIC?
Yes, before doing KIC you need to have completed both OP & OS. These courses provide students with the required certification and experience to be successful on KIC. WIC is not a prerequisite for KIC. Students can enter either WIC or KIC after completing both OS and OP. Students with OP and OS comparable experience and certification may also apply for WIC.

Is the water cold?
Yes, the water is cold. Anticosti Island has a colder climate than Southern Ontario. The average July temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. The water is colder than students may be used to. The equipment list contains some cold water equipment items to ensure students have a warm and enjoyable trip.

How long is the ferry ride?
The ferry ride from Rimouski to Anticosti Island is a unique portion of the KIC course. It typically takes two days on the ferry to reach the island.

How far do we go each day?
The weather can play a big role in how far groups travel each day. If the water is rough, a group may travel only a few kilometres or not at all. On a calm day, students may travel 20 or more kilometres. In past years, groups have been wind bound for several days over the course of the trip due to inclement weather and rough seas.

What assignments do I have to complete before the course starts?
KIC students will need to prepare a few assignments before attending the course. The first is to create a theory lesson plan. The second is to develop a resume, cover letter and job interview questions.