Charitable Organizations

"Friends of Outreach (FOO)" is a charitable trust that was formed in 1996 consisting of current and former Gould Lake staff, students and parents. The primary function of FOO is to raise money to make it possible for students with financial limitations to participate in the Gould Lake programs.

In the first year of its existence, the group was able to raise approximately $2000.00. This money was used to fully sponsor two students in the 1997 Outreach program as well as initiating a long lasting financial reserve for future sponsorship purposes.

The group has also undertaken the challenge of administering the "Dennis Reed Fund". This fund was established in recognition of the founder of the Outreach program upon his retirement from teaching. It will be used to assist in the further subsidization of students interested in the Outreach program.

Each summer, FOO sells items such as thermal coffee mugs, t-shirts, toques, carabiners, water-bottles and Frisbees.

It should be noted that FOO usually provides partial sponsorship and that they will work with the Gould Lake Outdoor Centre to arrange a suitable time frame for you to pay the balance of the course fee.

If you have any questions about FOO or would further information about the organization, please contact us at 613-376-1433.

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