Winter Camping

Image of iced over Gould LakeImage of campers snowshoeing at Gould Lakegroup of students camping in the winterImage of winter campers pulling gear on East Bay of winter campers roasting marshmallowsstudents outside a shelter in the winterstudents hiking in the winter

Gould Lake’s four-day winter camp is intended to provide Gould Lake’s summer students with an affordable opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of winter camping in Canada, in a safe and supervised setting.

In addition to a very enjoyable and memorable trip, students will develop the required skills, knowledge and judgment to allow them to be safe and responsible winter campers for life.

For 2024 we are planning on camping in Frontenac Provincial Park (FPP). Student's must find Transportation to and from FPP at the start and end of trip. There will be a Winter Camp Info night on January 30th, 2024 at LCVI from 5:00pm-8:00pm. 

The cost is $215 and includes gear, food, permits and staff. 


Winter Equipment/Gear List


Winter Camp Registration opens November 20th, 2023