Wilderness Instructors' Course

Image of tents during the Wilderness Instructors' Course.Image of Hell's Gate on Missinaibi River.Image of Thunderhouse Falls on Missiniabi River.Image of campers canoeing during Wilderness Instructors' Course.

The Wilderness Instructor Course (WIC) is a 16-day program for senior students interested in working toward becoming a "trip Leader" through developing their leadership, teaching and interpersonal skills as well as advancing and honing, their "hard" tripping skills like canoeing and camping.

WIC includes a 14-day wilderness canoe trip in a beautiful and remote part of Canada few people are lucky enough to explore. During the river trip students will be traveling on the Missinaibi and Moose Rivers North to James Bay at historic Moose Factory before catching the Polar Bear Express from Moosonee to start the return journey south. After the trip students partake in a co-op placement in one to two of introductory programs (Quest/Outreach). 

Students earn two 1.0 high school credits as well as ORCKA Canoe Tripping 2 certification.

2024 cost is $1,200.00

Equipment/Gear Lists

Bus Schedules

"Barn Days" Bus Pick Ups
8:30 a.m.: Centennial PS
8:45 a.m. Elginburg & District PS
9 a.m.: Loughborough PS

"Barn Days" Bus Drop Offs
3:30 p.m.: Loughborough PS
3:45 p.m. Elginburg & District PS
4 p.m.: Centennial PS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do OP and OS before doing WIC?
It is highly recommended that before doing WIC you have completed both OP & OS. In OP, you are taught your canoe tripping skills to allow to you effectively work towards being an instructor on WIC. In OS, you spend four days at Palmer Rapids learning the skills necessary to travel down the Missinabi River. Students with OP and OS comparable experience and certification may also apply for WIC.

Are the bugs as bad as everyone says?
The WIC trip runs right at the beginning of July. In northern Ontario, this is the season which is high for some bugs such as mosquitoes and blackflies. For this reason, students need to bring a bug jacket for when they are not on the water. We also bring along a bug tent to allow the group to relax together in the evenings without the bugs bothering them.

What certifications do I get when I do WIC?
Through completing WIC, you have the opportunity to acquire a Canoe Tripping level 2 ORCKA certification.

What assignments do I have to complete before the course starts?
Both the Trip Plan and Theory Lesson must be completed before the course starts. These are similar to what you completed for OS and OP.