Nature Camp

Students doing a team based activitystudents in a circle  while a teacher plays a guitarstudents sitting in a canoe filled with waterStudents doing a team based activity trying to make a miniature beaver damn.students sitting with bucket drumsStudents with pin wheelsstudents sitting in a circle outside during a read-a-loudGroup of students posing for a picture by a large tree.

Come join us for 5 days of crafts, games, and learning! This program is available to students entering grades 1-3 in September of 2023. Each session will take place in the school yard of a different Limestone District School Board school and include a one day “field trip” to Gould Lake Conservation Area. Students will learn about a different nature theme each day!

Day 1 starts with animals, we will learn about animal classes, what animals need to survive, and explore what types of habitats our animal neighbors have. Day 2 is plants and will include a scavenger hunt, some crafts to explore the greenery around us, and planting our very own bean plant to bring home and watch grow. Day 3 is Rocks n’ Soils, where we will explore fossils, dig up dinosaurs, play with different soils, and make music. Day 4, students will meet at the school as usual, and hop on a bus for a day trip to Gould Lake to learn all about water. We will explore the water cycle, swim and play in Gould Lake, and go for a team paddle in our voyageur canoes before catching the bus back to school. We will end the week on day 5 by learning about weather, racing bubbles to see if we are faster than the wind, and practicing how as humans we adapt to the hot summer weather by staying cool with some water games!

Cost is $250 due before program starts. We will be taking online payments this year. 
 Limestone District School Board.