Summer Program Update (Feb 2021)

Summer Program Update (Feb 2021)
Posted on 02/08/2021
Winter class

Dear Gould Lake students and families,

I hope you are all doing well. 

I hoped to post this much sooner with news on the summer but the current social/physical climate has made this challenging. It continues to appear that running a normal GLOC summer is not realistic. The logistics of running a safe program within the provincial guidelines is not feasible at this time and I predict also not in the near future. I have been meeting with other Ontario summer camps and still many of the YMCA camps also have not opened registration. Some of the private camps are being quite optimistic and have opened limited registration in hopes to running this summer. The overall feeling though across the province is whenever we get some hope something else develops to force everyone to take a bunch of steps back.

The good news is, we have started to work on a day camp program for students in grade 3 to grade 12. The intermediate and senior students may be able to participate in a paddling and leadership skill-based program and our primary and junior students may be able to participate in a more nature-focused day camp. This is not ideal but we want to be able to offer something to our students and families that is beneficial to them and the development of future GLOC leaders. Once the details are approved and registration is set I will send out an email to families for registration.

Writing this post is very difficult and now that I have put these words down in this email it is sinking in that this is real. I still can’t imagine a second summer without trips but unfortunately it is what it is. If by any chance things change drastically before the summer and we can run some trips I will for sure keep you all informed.  

I really appreciate all of your patience this year. I can’t wait to once again see our students back on the lake with a paddle in their hand.

Warm regards,


Nate Zahn