Solo Moving Water

Image of a camper kayaking at Palmer Rapids.Image of campers taking part in the Solo Moving Water Course.Image of campers on the Madawaska River - Palmer Rapids.Image of a camper learning to solo paddling in moving water.

The Solo Moving Water Program offers students the opportunity to get outside and try their hand at a more challenging paddling sport. The program is intended for students who have completed Outdoor Skills (OS) or who have their Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) Moving Water level 1A certification. The program duration is four days on the Madawaska River paddling at Palmer Rapids. This is a base camping trip so students will not be packing up and moving each day.

Students will learn everything required to enter, exit, and efficiently paddle a solo canoe. If students have completed OS, they can expect to be asked to demonstrate all the tandem skills that were required in OS but now in solo canoes.

By the end of the course students should receive their Moving Water level 1B. After completion of this course students can move forward with this certification in the ORCKA Moving Water discipline if they so choose. This is a great building block toward your instructor certification. 20213 cost TBD.

For more information on certification visit ORCKA.


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